Why voice providers need Global MNP to drive efficiency

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Voice providers servicing legacy technology can face several challenges that make growth difficult. Namely, many telecom organisations lack real-time routing information; data that can assist in avoiding frequent service delays and optimise call routes.

Some Voice providers even experience low call response rates, which is often the result of inefficient technology that failing to identify inactive numbers.

These issues can create unnecessary expense, and to so avoid these scenarios, companies should look to invest in modern/state of the art/leading edge, up to date number portability platform with global coverage.

Global Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Global MNP service allows phone numbers to be moved from carrier to carrier, without ever losing track of their activity status. In other words, Global MNP provides long-term data on a huge database of up-to-date phone numbers, regardless of the carrier the numbers belong to.

Global MNP offers voice providers three powerful solutions:

  1. Global Routing: Since phone numbers are trackable across carriers through Global MNP, they can always choose the most efficient route for phone calls, cutting costs and improving service speeds, in turn.
  2. Number Validation: Global MNPs can also verify that a number is still in use before a call is ever made, which can substantially shrink unnecessary overhead.
  3. Access to a Global Database: Most voice providers aren't in a position to easily access global MNP data. With Global MNP however, they can lean on the service’s database and make efficient, informed decisions.

How can voice providers really benefit from using up-to-date number portability information?

Improve voice delivery rate

Due to a lack of routing information, many voice provider phone-calls can either end up answered, delayed or being of a very poor quality. Together, these three factors can have a serious impact on delivery rate.

Thankfully, Global MNPs can solve this issue by offering real-time routing information and a comprehensive database. This improves both the speed and quality of phone calls and reduces the number of calls made to inactive numbers.

Reduce costs

Global MNPs can considerably reduce the costs that voice providers are faced with:

Firstly, it helps voice providers deliver calls on only the most efficient routes. This results in fewer fees being accrued, faster delivery times, and a more cost-effective approach to voice providing.

Secondly, Global MNPs can also check for inactive phone numbers, which is a major source of redundant expenses for voice providers. Stopping these calls before they’re ever made can both streamline a voice provider’s service, and save them money in the process, too.

Optimise routing

As already touched on, choosing to partner with Global MNP can also improve the effectiveness of a voice provider's routing.

Oftentimes, voice providers have limited access to global routing information, which can make choosing routes both challenging and inefficient. With Global MNP, voice providers can gain access to an in-depth database of phone numbers, allowing them to make the most optimal routing decisions possible.

So, what kind of Global MNP should your telecom company invest in?

Using a cloud-based Global MNP like JT Navigate

JT Navigate is a Global MNP platform that offers real-time access to an extensive database – one that includes global routing, validation, and number portability data. This empowers businesses to streamline their service, cut unnecessary costs, and optimise their route efficiency, all key facets to any voice provider.

Our JT Navigate platform has a live and cached look-up, enabling you to view the most recent data on routing and phone numbers whenever you need it. And not only does it improve delivery rate, but it also enables voice providers to offer a better, more efficient and more reliable service to their clients.

Global number validation

JT Navigate's global number validation allows voice providers to check the status of phone numbers before calls being sent. Providers can also use this feature to access specific number portability data, too.

Routing APIs

JT Navigate uses intelligent APIs to deliver calls via the most optimal routes possible. This cuts costs, improves call quality, and decreases call delays – making it a must-have service for any voice provider.

Support from routing experts

Not only does JT Navigate offer all the benefits of Global MNP, but it is backed by a telecoms provider with over 120 years of experience in the communications industry.

Our dedicated team at JT Group ensure that getting started with our JT Navigate platform is quick, simple and seamless – and we’ll be here to support you all the way.


As a voice provider, it’s vital that your organisation has easy and open access to a database of routing information. This will help streamline your service, save money and quickly increase the rate of call delivery – a metric that is pivotal to all voice providers.

Enterprise Messaging Overview LP ThumbnailSo, if you’re looking to cut costs and increase efficiency, we recommend you consider using Global MNP service like JT Navigate.

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