JT Navigate – A Global MNP Platform with live routing information



JT recently launched JT Navigate, its Global Mobile Number Portability (MNP) platform – a hyper effective service that provides users with a simple solution to their SMS routing needs. If your business regularly sends out A2P updates to customers or clients around the world - whether it be for account notifications, service changes, or balance updates - JT's Global MNP service can make the process smoother and more cost effective by providing live routing information before the messages are sent.

What is a Global MNP Platform?

The JT Navigate Platform, provides  Mobile Number Portability information, or in plainer English: It's a service that makes sending messages and making phone calls internationally, much, much easier.

For the average person trying to send a text to their everyday contacts, a Global MNP platform likely won't have a lot of use. However, for corporations trying to send substantial quantities of text messages to customers and clients around the world this can be a real challenge. Due to the nature of how consumers change their subscriber number information and port networks, ensuring CRM data is up to date is a key driver of business efficiencies.

The reason this is challenging is that every country - sometimes even different cities - have their own unique regulations and requirements for network providers. So that text message you send from the network provider back home may require multiple carriers to deliver the messages, typically from application to person.  With the complexities in fees and regulations between carriers, each differing from one country to the next – determining the routing information before a message is sent brings in margin increase along with higher termination rates for communications.

How does Mobile Number Portability work?

This is where a Global MNP platform comes into play.

The concept of mobile number portability is increasing due to consumer demand and the desire for subscribers to keep their number when porting networks.  The concept provides an important service to markets with strong telecoms infrastructure in being able to offer consumers choice, but this provides complications for communication businesses.  Within individual markets, there is typically an MNP service provider who holds a central database of which numbers are associated to which networks.

When a call or SMS is routed, the operator of the subscriber making the call or message, will effectively query the central database to determine which network or country a number is attached to.  This allows consumers to switch operators with relative ease.

JT is able to work with partners and bring to market a platform to manage  a global view of number portability information in one place.

The importance of a Global MNP Platform

Access to a Global MNP platform is becoming more and more an essential part of communications businesses.  90% of SMS messages are read in the first three minutes – providing a trusted and effective means of engagement with customers . If you provide any kind of mobile notifications for customers and clients - whether on a broad or narrow scale - a Global MNP platform is an invaluable tool to drive business efficiencies.

On top of simplifying the international messaging process, they also make it much more cost effective.

A Global MNP platform is a specialist piece of software, that provides the latest routing information for each message in addition to the validation of a number before a message is sent, delivering cost savings on failed messages. This not only makes the process more affordable, but also reduces the amount of risk and complexity associated with your messages. Using a Global MNP platform allows you to reach consumers faster, easier, and more efficiently.

The process more affordable, but also reduces the amount of risk and complexity associated with your messages. Using a Global MNP platform allows you to reach consumers faster, easier, and more efficiently.

How you can benefit from access to Global MNP data

The JT Navigate platform, provides a valuable asset for businesses in many respects. For one thing, it makes sending SMS messages to a large customer base much simpler and more affordable. You can access our global  MNP service through JT's own user-friendly API interface, hosted on our scalable cloud architecture with plenty of customisable options to best suit your company's needs.

In addition the platform can enable businesses with additional features, namely mobile number lookup. This is a feature that allows you to check the validity of a phone number (if it's real, if it's in use, which provider it's with, etc.) instantaneously. This eliminates wasted resources on invalid numbers and provides you with more information on your customer base through the error codes provided in our documentation. JT Navigate, MNP platform can simply be integrated into your current workflow tools and services to provide an effective transition process.


Research has shown that SMS messaging is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach consumers. It's simple, immediate, and brings your service straight to your customers. JT Navigate, which provides full Number portability and live routing information can make your SMS capabilities even better - for your business and for your customers.

Global MNP Product Sheet


To learn more about JT's newest Global Mobile Number Portability platform, download our MNP Product Sheet. Or talk to us today to find out how JT can help you message your clients in a faster and more cost-efficient way.